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All three-dimensional models, images, animations, and text displayed on this website were produced by members of the Claessens and Edwards Laboratories as part of the National Science Foundation funded Aves 3D database project. Copyright for these images rests with Aves 3D and the institutions that provided specimens, unless otherwise noted. The contents of this website and the database may be used for the personal education of website visitors and non-commercial scientific research and education, provided that (1) the terms of use as set forward by the specific institutions providing source materials are followed, and (2) the Aves 3D database and institution(s) holding the original specimen(s) are explicitly acknowledged. Please refer to our User Agreement for more information and links to the terms of use of contributing institutions. Please note that any non-profit scientific or educational publication of content from this website and the database needs to be approved prior to publication, and a copy of a publication including or using Aves 3D content should be submitted to the database administrator after publication. We advise you to contact the database administrator as early as possible to discuss use of the website contents for research and education, and welcome inquiries regarding collaboration.

Any commercial reproduction, redistribution, publication, or other use of website content is prohibited without written approval from the copyright holder.

By registering for this website, you promise to abide by the rules of the Aves 3D Database, and respect the intellectual property rights of all the material made available on this website.

Please contact the database administrator with any further questions regarding commercial and non-commercial database content use.

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