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Aves - Neognathae - Charadriiformes - Rynchopidae - Rynchops - Rynchops flavirostris

Mandible (Jawbone ) of a Rynchops flavirostris (African Skimmer)

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Species Description
The African Skimmer, Rynchops flavirostris, is a skimmer that is widespread in sub-Saharan Africa. The population is declining due to wetland habitat degradation, human interference, and over-exploitation. The African Skimmer has a black back, hindneck and crown. This bird has a long, bright orange beak with a yellow tip. They fly in lines over tranquil waters, and dip their lower mandibles into the water to catch fish. Once the mandible comes in contact with the fish, the mouth snaps shut.
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Mandible (Jawbone )
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