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Aves 3D - Common Name Listing

African Darter [Show Elements] (6)

African Skimmer [Show Elements] (1)

American Flamingo [Show Elements] (1)

American Kestrel [Show Elements] (5)

American Robin [Show Elements] (1)

American White Pelican [Show Elements] (5)

Anhinga [Show Elements] (2)

Atlantic Puffin [Show Elements] (2)

Bald Eagle [Show Elements] (1)

Baltimore Oriole [Show Elements] (2)

Band-tailed Pigeon [Show Elements] (10)

Barbary Partridge [Show Elements] (1)

Barnacle Goose [Show Elements] (1)

Barn Owl [Show Elements] (7)

Black Crowned Crane [Show Elements] (1)

Black-footed Albatross [Show Elements] (3)

Black Hornbill [Show Elements] (5)

Black-legged Kittiwake [Show Elements] (10)

Black Skimmer [Show Elements] (27)

Black Stork [Show Elements] (1)

Bohemian Waxwing [Show Elements] (2)

Broad-billed Tody [Show Elements] (2)

Brown-headed Cowbird [Show Elements] (1)

Brown Noddy [Show Elements] (1)

Brown Pelican [Show Elements] (1)

Burrowing Owl [Show Elements] (18)

Canada Goose [Show Elements] (1)

Cattle Egret [Show Elements] (4)

Chicken [Show Elements] (1)

Cockatiel [Show Elements] (4)

Cocoi Heron [Show Elements] (1)

Common Cardinal [Show Elements] (9)

Common Cuckoo [Show Elements] (5)

Common Grackle [Show Elements] (1)

Common kiwi [Show Elements] (64)

Common Merganser [Show Elements] (2)

Common Murre [Show Elements] (13)

Common Pheasant [Show Elements] (1)

Common Tern [Show Elements] (7)

Crab Plover [Show Elements] (10)

Crane Hawk [Show Elements] (9)

Crested Wood-partridge [Show Elements] (8)

Crow Pheasant [Show Elements] (10)

Cuban Trogon [Show Elements] (4)

D'Arnaud's Barbet [Show Elements] (2)

†Dodo [Show Elements] (24)

Dodo (Durban specimen) [Show Elements] (6)

Dodo (Port Louis specimen) [Show Elements] (3)

Double-striped Thick-knee [Show Elements] (1)

Eastern Plantain-eater [Show Elements] (0)

Eastern Screech Owl [Show Elements] (4)

Egyptian Goose [Show Elements] (7)

Emu [Show Elements] (4)

Eurasian Curlew [Show Elements] (4)

Feline Owlet-nightjar [Show Elements] (3)

†Gaston's Bird [Show Elements] (1)

Great Auk [Show Elements] (3)

Great Blue Heron [Show Elements] (1)

Greater Crested Tern [Show Elements] (16)

Greater Roadrunner [Show Elements] (7)

Greater snow goose [Show Elements] (12)

Great Grey Owl [Show Elements] (4)

Great Hornbill [Show Elements] (17)

Great Horned Owl [Show Elements] (6)

Great Northern Loon [Show Elements] (4)

Great Tinamou [Show Elements] (6)

Grey-headed Albatross [Show Elements] (6)

Grey-necked Wood-rail [Show Elements] (1)

Guianan Cock-of-the-rock [Show Elements] (1)

Gyrfalcon [Show Elements] (4)

Helmeted Guineafowl [Show Elements] (18)

Hen Harrier [Show Elements] (13)

Herring Gull [Show Elements] (20)

Hill Myna [Show Elements] (1)

Hoatzin [Show Elements] (22)

Hoopoe [Show Elements] (4)

Horned Screamer [Show Elements] (15)

Houbara Bustard [Show Elements] (6)

Humboldt Penguin [Show Elements] (6)

Hyacinth Macaw [Show Elements] (6)

Juan Fernández Petrel [Show Elements] (1)

Jungle Hawk-Owl [Show Elements] (4)

Kakapo [Show Elements] (23)

Keel-billed Toucan [Show Elements] (1)

King Penguin [Show Elements] (9)

King Rail [Show Elements] (1)

King Vulture [Show Elements] (1)

Laughing Falcon [Show Elements] (7)

Laughing Kookaburra [Show Elements] (7)

Laysan Albatross [Show Elements] (6)

Lesser Snow Goose [Show Elements] (1)

Little Auk [Show Elements] (2)

Little Owl [Show Elements] (5)

Little Penguin [Show Elements] (7)

Little Tern [Show Elements] (2)

Long-tailed Duck [Show Elements] (6)

Macaroni Penguin [Show Elements] (6)

Magnificent Frigatebird [Show Elements] (6)

Magpie Goose [Show Elements] (1)

Maleo [Show Elements] (5)

Montezuma Oropendola [Show Elements] (1)

Mottled Owl [Show Elements] (3)

Moustached Treeswift [Show Elements] (2)

Mute Swan [Show Elements] (6)

Nicobar Pigeon [Show Elements] (6)

Northern Gannet [Show Elements] (7)

Northern Ground Hornbill [Show Elements] (15)

Northern Pygmy-owl [Show Elements] (6)

Northern Saw-whet Owl [Show Elements] (9)

Ocellated Turkey [Show Elements] (3)

Osprey [Show Elements] (7)

Ostrich [Show Elements] (1)

Palaeospiza bella [Show Elements] (1)

Pauraque [Show Elements] (1)

Pearl-spotted Owlet [Show Elements] (6)

Pelagic Cormorant [Show Elements] (2)

Peregrine Falcon [Show Elements] (3)

Pileated Woodpecker [Show Elements] (9)

Plain-pouched Hornbill [Show Elements] (3)

Pompadour Green Pigeon [Show Elements] (5)

Purple-tailed Imperial Pigeon [Show Elements] (1)

Raggiana Bird of Paradise [Show Elements] (1)

Razorbill [Show Elements] (1)

Red-billed Hornbill [Show Elements] (6)

Red-legged Cormorant [Show Elements] (1)

Red-tailed Hawk [Show Elements] (5)

Red-tailed Tropicbird [Show Elements] (5)

Red-throated Loon [Show Elements] (2)

Reed Cormorant [Show Elements] (5)

Ring-billed gull [Show Elements] (1)

Ringed Kingfisher [Show Elements] (7)

Rock Ptarmigan [Show Elements] (1)

Rodrigues solitaire [Show Elements] (9)

Roseate Spoonbill [Show Elements] (7)

Roseate Tern [Show Elements] (4)

Rosybill Pochard [Show Elements] (5)

Royal Tern [Show Elements] (21)

Ruby-throated Hummingbird [Show Elements] (11)

Rufescent Tiger-heron [Show Elements] (5)

Ruffed Grouse [Show Elements] (1)

Russet-backed Oropendola [Show Elements] (1)

Sarus Crane [Show Elements] (1)

Scaled Pigeon [Show Elements] (1)

Scarlet Ibis [Show Elements] (11)

Scarlet Macaw [Show Elements] (10)

Sooty Shearwater [Show Elements] (2)

Sooty Tern [Show Elements] (6)

Southern Boobook [Show Elements] (4)

Southern Screamer [Show Elements] (14)

Southern Skua [Show Elements] (9)

Speckled Mousebird [Show Elements] (1)

Spectacled Owl [Show Elements] (7)

Spotted Nothura [Show Elements] (9)

Spotted Thick-knee [Show Elements] (1)

†Stout-legged Moa [Show Elements] (3)

Sunbittern [Show Elements] (1)

Superb Bird of Paradise [Show Elements] (6)

Surf Scoter [Show Elements] (1)

Tooth-billed Pigeon [Show Elements] (10)

Violet Turaco [Show Elements] (8)

Western Crowned Pigeon [Show Elements] (12)

Western Grebe [Show Elements] (8)

Western Plantain-eater [Show Elements] (11)

Western Rockhopper Penguin [Show Elements] (6)

White-bellied Go-away-bird [Show Elements] (1)

White-bellied Woodpecker [Show Elements] (5)

White-collared Swift [Show Elements] (5)

White-Crowned Hornbill [Show Elements] (6)

White-eared Catbird [Show Elements] (1)

White-headed Petrel [Show Elements] (9)

White-necked Jacobin [Show Elements] (1)

Wilson's Petrel [Show Elements] (3)

Wood Thrush [Show Elements] (4)

Yellow-bellied Sapsucker [Show Elements] (1)

Yellow-casqued Hornbill [Show Elements] (1)

Yellow-legged Tinamou [Show Elements] (8)

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