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Sternum (Breast Bone) of the Common Pheasant Phasianus colchicus (MCZ 343003)

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Phylogenic Position
Aves - Neognathae - Galliformes - Phasianidae - Phasianus - Phasianus colchicus
Species Description
The Ring-Necked (or Common) Pheasant is native to Asia and has been widely introduced elsewhere as a game bird. Like most game birds, it primarily terrestrial, foraging for food (fruit, seeds, leaves, various invertebrates, small snakes and lizards) entirely on the ground; however, it is also capable of short distance flights, flying into trees to roost and attaining speeds of up to 60mph when chased. The Ring-Necked Pheasant is found in wood- and scrubland, preferring grassland near water with small copses of trees for roosting. It practices “harem-defense polygyny”, where one male keeps a group of females, fighting other males to keep them away.
Specimen Information
Species Phasianus colchicus (Common Pheasant)
Element Sternum (Breast Bone)
Specimen Number MCZ 343003
Geological Age Recent
Technical Information
Scanner Roland Picza
Resolution 100 µm
Number of Data Points 78479
Number of Data Polygons 156952
Date Scanned July 22, 2008
Scan Technician Michael Krzyzak
Edited By Michael Krzyzak

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