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Sternum (Breast Bone) of the White-eared Catbird Ailuroedus buccoides (MCZ 346514)

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Phylogenic Position
Aves - Neognathae - Passeriformes - Ptilonorhynchidae - Ailuroedus - Ailuroedus buccoides
Species Description
The White-Eared Catbird is a medium-sized passerine found in the tropical and sub-tropical dry forests of Indonesia and Papua New Guinea. Adult catbirds subsist primarily on fruit, but will take the nestlings of other species on rare occasions; chicks are mostly fed insects. The White-Eared Catbird is a very vocal bird, with a loud, hissing call.
Specimen Information
Species Ailuroedus buccoides (White-eared Catbird)
Element Sternum (Breast Bone)
Specimen Number MCZ 346514
Geological Age Recent
Technical Information
Scanner Konica Minolta Range7
Resolution 40 ┬Ám
Number of Data Points 183222
Number of Data Polygons 366422
Date Scanned July 20, 2008
Scan Technician Michael Krzyzak
Edited By Megan Cooper

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