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Aves - Neognathae - Apodiformes - Trochilidae - Archilochus - Archilochus colubris

Left Carpometacarpus and Alula (fused hand and wrist bones (left)) of a Archilochus colubris (Ruby-throated Hummingbird)

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Species Description
The Ruby-throated hummingbird is native to Eastern North America and is a solitary species often exhibiting aggressive behavior. They are especially attracted to the color red and will approach red clothing; these hummingbirds are known to approach humans often. Ruby-throated hummingbirds tend to be defensive of their territories during feeding and breeding. On average, these birds weigh 3 grams and can reach 3.5 inches long. Their wing speeds range from 30 to 63 miles per hour, depending on their activity level. Ruby-throated hummingbirds lay 2 or 3 white, pea-sized eggs and can live 3 to 5 years. Ruby-throated hummingbirds also migrate yearly to the Central America area.
Skeletal Elements Available

Left Carpometacarpus and Alula (fused hand and wrist bones (left))

Left Humerus (Left Upper Arm Bone)

Left Ulna (Lower Arm Bone )

Furcula (Wishbone)

Left Digit (Left Digit)

Left Coracoid (Left Shoulder Bone)

Left Wing Skeleton (Left Wing Skeleton)

Left Metacarpus (Left Lower Arm Bone)

Left Radius (Lower Arm Bone)

Left Radiale (Left Lower Wrist Bone)

Right Coracoid (Right Shoulder Bone)
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