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Right Tibiotarsus (Middle Leg Bone, Right) of the Greater Roadrunner Geococcyx californianus (MCZ 343239)

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Phylogenic Position
Aves - Neognathae - Cuculiformes - Cuculidae - Geococcyx - Geococcyx californianus
Species Description
The Greater Roadrunner, Geococcyx californianus, is a bird in the family Cucilidae. Its name means “Californian Earth-cuckoo”. This long-legged bird is 22 inches in length and weighs approximately 10.5 ounces. About half of the bird’s length is comprised of its tail. This is the largest North American cuckoo. Roadrunners have four toes, two of which face forward and two backward. The Greater Roadrunner breeds in the desert and shrubby countryside and feeds on insects, fruit, seed, small reptiles, small mammals, centipedes, etc. This species spends the majority of its time on ground and can run as fast as 42 km/hr.
Specimen Information
Species Geococcyx californianus (Greater Roadrunner)
Element Right Tibiotarsus (Middle Leg Bone, Right)
Specimen Number MCZ 343239
Location Mexico, San Luis, Potosi
Geological Age Recent
Technical Information
Scanner Konica Minolta Range7
Resolution 40 µm
Number of Data Points 31686
Number of Data Polygons 15690
Date Scanned June 29, 2011
Scan Technician Andy Biedlingmaier
Edited By Ariana Masi

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Other Geococcyx californianus (Greater Roadrunner) Elements
Specimen Element
MCZ 343239 Left Femur (Left Upper Leg Bone)
MCZ 343239 Right Femur (Right Femur)
MCZ 343239 Left Humerus (Left Upper Arm Bone)
MCZ 343239 Right Humerus (Right Upper Arm Bone)
MCZ 343239 Left Tarsometatarsus (Left Fused Element Consisting of Ankle and Middle Foot Bones)
MCZ 343239 Sternum (Breast Bone)
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