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Aves - Neognathae - Ciconiiformes - Ardeidae - Ardea - Ardea herodias

Sternum (Breast Bone) of a Ardea herodias (Great Blue Heron)

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Species Description
The Great Blue Heron is the largest and most widespread North American heron, and can be found in a range of habitats (as long as there is water nearby). While southern populations of Great Blue Herons are sedentary, northern populations will migrate if their water habitat freezes over. The Great Blue Heron hunts by wading through the water and spearing prey with its long, sharp beak. It eats mostly fish; after spearing a fish, the heron must then dislodge the fish from its beak and catch it in its mouth. The Great Blue Heron will take other small animals as long as they are small enough to be swallowed whole; it has been known to choke on prey that is too large.
Skeletal Elements Available

Sternum (Breast Bone)
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