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Left Tarsometatarsus (Left Fused Element Consisting of Ankle and Middle Foot Bones) of the Montezuma Oropendola Psarocolius montezuma (MCZ 337287 )

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Phylogenic Position
Aves - Neognathae - Passeriformes - Icteridae - Psarocolius - Psarocolius montezuma
Species Description
The Montezuma Oropendola is a tropical bird that is found in areas of Central and Northern South America. The male bird is larger than the female and reaches up to 50 cm in length, weighing about 520 grams. The Montezuma Oropendola feeds primarily on small invertebrates, fruits, insects, and nectar. They are a mobile species, but breed in colonies. The Montezuma Oropendola is interesting in that is constructs hanging nests for its eggs. The nests can be anywhere from two to six feet long. Living in colonies, a dominant male is usually responsible for mating with each female who produce two eggs each. The average number of nests in one colony is about thirty.
Specimen Information
Species Psarocolius montezuma (Montezuma Oropendola)
Element Left Tarsometatarsus (Left Fused Element Consisting of Ankle and Middle Foot Bones)
Specimen Number MCZ 337287
Sex Male
Location Costa Rica: Guanacaste ACG, Maritza Station
Geological Age Recent
Technical Information
Scanner Roland Picza
Resolution 100 ┬Ám
Number of Data Points 353949
Number of Data Polygons 177001
Date Scanned October 12, 2011
Scan Technician Maggie Johnson
Edited By Maggie Johnson

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