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Sternum (Breast Bone) of the Sarus Crane Grus antigone (MCZ 346600)

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Phylogenic Position
Aves - Neognathae - Gruiformes - Gruidae - Grus - Grus antigone
Species Description
The Sarus Crane is the tallest known flying bird, standing up to 1.8m tall. It is a large, non-migratory crane with scattered populations found in India, southeast Asia and Australia; its numbers have greatly declined in the past century, with only an estimated 1/10 of the population remaining. Although the Sarus Crane is able to utilize a wide variety of habitats throughout its range, it prefers marshes, floodplains and wetlands. An omnivore, the Sarus Crane eats insects, aquatic plants, frogs, crustaceans, tubers and shoots, for which is forages in shallow water or flooded fields, occasionally probing the mud with its long beak.
Specimen Information
Species Grus antigone (Sarus Crane)
Element Sternum (Breast Bone)
Specimen Number MCZ 346600
Geological Age Recent
Technical Information
Scanner Konica Minolta Range7
Resolution 40 ┬Ám
Number of Data Points 14835
Number of Data Polygons 29676
Date Scanned May 25, 2009
Scan Technician Rachael Martinez
Edited By Megan Cooper

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